What's Included in our services?

  • We will visit the site and provide you with the total cost required to complete the job.
  • A representative of Planet Goats will set up fencing the night before or the morning of the actual job. 
  • A representative of Planet Goats will be on hand to supervise the job and assist the herd at all times.
  • We manually cut all remaining stocks and vines as close to ground level as possible. Owner is responsible for any required brush removal.

Every brush clearing job is different

Before we can give you an accurate quote we must view the site to determine a few things:

  • Total area to be cleared
  • Complexity of job
  • Set up time required
  • Travel time and distance​
  • ​

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The Planet Goats Team

At Planet Goats we are committed to preserving our planet by practicing environmentally safe living and gardening solutions Our little farm in Woodinville offers our goats and chickens a wonderful life, free of chemicals and hormones. 

Our herd is comprised of goats who came from a variety of situations. Some came to us  from owners who were simply unable to care for them and others were rescued from deplorable conditions.

We are dedicated to providing a safe environment for our goats while offering a cost effective and environmentally conscience method to clear brush.


Environmental Brush Clearing Specialists

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